We are CANDO.
Make challenge possible.

We are a medical market research company based in Japan.
We promise “Japan Quality” service and utilize our abundant experience to provide
“Best Cost Performance” according to customer needs.
Because we CAN DO it!

-Who We Are,

We are the most well-established medical market research company in Japan.
Having specialised in Medical market research for beyond 30 years, and provided the high-quality fieldwork
experiences to the clients both domestic and international.
About 500 projects we currently run each year including variety of disease topic/therapy area.

-Why you choose CANDO,

Owning the Doctor’s panel is the strength and differentiated us from others agencies and as well as our intelligent moderators help you to grasp the information what you need.
We contact with respondent’s directly, we handle fieldwork on our end.
These make feasible to provide you a non-stop fieldwork service.
Our clients in and outside Japan trust us as their research partner to conduct Japan market fieldwork. No matter if
it’s recruitment service only, or moderation with/without analysis service only, we assist you to meet your request.

Wanted a medical market research partner in Japan?
Let us assist you, because we CAN DO it!